I am so happy to offer channeled message in text

from your higher self and guides again

I have been doing this for many years and now it is time to offer this like a service for you again.

I did my first channeled message like this 12 years ago. I am so excited because it is an amazing tool whenever you feel lost or

just need some confirmation that you are right on track.

Do you need some guidence and confirmation from you higher self?

Even if you believe it or not your guides and your higher self constantly work for you and for the highest.
Sometimes we are really connected to our guides but sometime we can experience that we lost the connection, don’t trust the connection or just need to hear guidence in another way to receive it. It is okay to receive help and it is okay to want be validated.

It is time to choose the easy way

this present moment

You will receive a text straight from your higher self and your guides.

The language is HOW they are ”speaking” in a very loving, warm and humorous way. They are speaking the truth and only in the HIGHEST for you right now.


Soul Letter

You will receive what you need to hear in general right now and you can set your intentions. Rest assure that you will ONLY receive information that are in the highest for you and ONLY what you are ready to hear. 

The letter will be written in the way they are talking, not how I usually to write. Keep that in mind.




you will receive the letter via mail


Swedish or English


2-3 pages


You will receive the letter within 8 days after the payment.



“My soul letter really moved me deeply. It validated a lot of things that I’ve been thinking/feeling. It reinforced my trust that I am right where I’m supposed to be. It showed me some things that were too obvious for me to actually “see”. Most importantly, for me, it gave me some practical guidance on what to do when my boat gets rocked and my trust sways. Last but not least - it made me feel seen.”