I have lately received a lot of new codes from the Lemurian team and the Arcturians.

They really will assist thru my sessions so if you want to receive an upgrade which is beyond words and has not been available in this way before.

This is a game changer

Are you feeling low or just want to go higher together?

We are so many starseeds here on earth who are ready to remember even more who we are and why we came here. 

This session is raises your life force energy and help you to bring a lot of positive energy in to your field which help you to clear old programs.

Do you remember?

My guides and the teams helps us to remember all of our 7 eyes and clear them and upgrade us so we are ready fully and completely to se even more beyond.

This is very high technology frequencies which are assist our 12 earthly energies bodies and this has a huge impact on our incarnation here on earth.
It is also assist on a galactic, cosmic, universal and multi-universal level.

It is time to choose the playfulness

activation & upgrade beyond

In this powerful and SACRED zero point state you can also receive strong healing codes and DNA upgrades that encourages you to live in a higher time line with higher frequencies. 

If you feel drawn to this work - you are welcome to book a session and explore higher frequencies with me.





2200 sek


Online via Zoom 

(you will receive a recording after our session)


Swedish or English



“My session with Helen were beyond words magical & becomes one of my most important ones. Have longed for this moment in many lifetimes. I felt so safe & held in her lovingly sacred space, assisted to really receive all the magic during my session. Helen is a powerful pure vessel for the divine, fully embodied in her advanced gifts. Mmm she and her sessions is pure magic, beyond what we earlier have experienced. If you feel guided to work with Helen, trust this calling. Forever grateful for her and the magic”